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Public Scholarship 

Major Articles 

“Genocide in Ancient Israelite and Early Jewish Sources.” 

With Seth Richardson. “Genocide in Mesopotamia in the Bronze and Iron Ages.”


With Ben Kiernan and Tristan Taylor. “Introduction,” Cambridge World History of Genocide, Volume 1. 

*NEW* With Breath and Bludgeon: Violence, Weaponry, and the Limits of Resistance in Isaiah​ 

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Neither Mice nor Men: Dehumanization and Extermination in Mesopotamian Sources, Ḥērem Texts, and the War Scroll

"Order from Chaos: Comparing Approaches to Violence in Anthropology, Assyriology, and the Study of the Hebrew Bible"

"Shame and Mutilation of Enemies in the Hebrew Bible"

 “Dispossessing Nations: Population Growth, Scarcity, and Genocide in Ancient Israel and Twentieth-century Rwanda” 

"Where There Is Dirt, Is There System?: Revisiting Biblical Purity Constructions"

Whipping the Words of Ezekiel into His Own Back: A Conversation on Portraying Biblical Violence

"The Universal and the Particular: Mary Douglas and the Politics of Impurity"

"The Apotheosis of Rage: Divine Anger and the Psychology of Israelite Trauma"

"Were Israelite Women Chattel?: Shedding New Light on an Old Question"


“‘They Have Become Women’: Judean Diaspora and Postcolonial Theories of Gender and Migration.” 

“The Emasculation of Exile: Hypermasculinity and Feminization in the Book of Ezekiel.” 

"'Like the Eunuch Who Does Not Beget': Gender, Mutilation, and Negotiated Status in the Ancient Near East"

A complete list of articles is available here

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