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Dr Tracy M Lemos

Historian of Violence ~ Religion Scholar

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Tracy M. Lemos is a scholar with wide-ranging interests and expertise.  Trained in Jewish history, religious studies, and biblical scholarship at Brown University and Yale University, she has written on material spanning millennia, continents, and vast divides of cultural and social distance.  She is the author of two books, the coeditor of three volumes, and has written dozens of articles, essays, and reviews.  She has given lectures in the United States, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, France, Finland, Sweden, and Spain and been featured in a CBC Ideas podcast.  She is Professor of Hebrew Bible at Huron University College, a member of the graduate school faculty at Western University, and a faculty affiliate of the Centre for Transitional Justice and Post-Conflict Reconstruction at Western University.  In 2022, she was Gerstein Distinguished Visiting Professor of Jewish Studies and Religious Studies at the University of Toronto. She is currently writing a book on healing from dehumanization.

New Release

Violence and Personhood in Ancient Israel and Comparative Contexts

Violence and Personhood in Ancient Israel and Comparative Contexts is the first book-length work on personhood in ancient Israel. T. M. Lemos reveals widespread intersections between violence and personhood in both this society and the wider region. Relations of domination and subordination were incredibly important to the culture and social organization of ancient Israel, with these relations often determining the boundaries of personhood itself. Personhood was malleable - it could be and was violently erased in many social contexts. This study exposes a violence-personhood-masculinity nexus in which domination allowed those in control to animalize and brutalize the bodies of subordinates. Lemos argues that in particular social contexts in the contemporary "western" world, this same nexus operates, holding devastating consequences for marginalized social groups.

Book Cover of Violence and Personhood in Ancient Isreal and Comparative Contexts

Tracy Lemos, T.M. Lemos, Tracy M. Lemos

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